Training Day

5th April was one of our bi-annual training days and we were lucky enough to host it at our nursery this year.

All our colleagues came up from our Weston and Bristol nurseries which was a great chance to network with the other practitioners in our company. Firstly, all practitioners went into their respective rooms and we were fortunate enough to have members of North Somerset Council in to give presentations on different aspects of childcare.

In the afternoon, all rooms had to go outside and make a 'communication friendly space' as a team and then evaluate the space they had made. After that, the Room Managers had a presentation on 'how to be an effective team' and 'what makes an effective leader' which was very insightful.

The whole day was very productive and it was really nice to hear the positive comments about our nursery made by staff members from the other nurseries. All in all, a very positive day.

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