February Fun


Butterflies exploring the mud kitchen – Butterflies have been enjoying outdoor play and utilising our mud kitchen. The children love filling and emptying different containers, as well as transporting water from one area to another. The children have fun mixing water, sand and mud and getting super messy.

Busy Bees

Busy Bees sensory fun – Busy Bees explored different coloured rice. They can name lots of different colours and other objects that are the same colour. Many Busy Bees enjoyed mark making with their fingers in the rice, and also used tools such as cookie cutters when playing. Sensory exploration is very important and exciting for all of our children.


February, Magic month in Preschool – Preschool’s theme for February is all things magical! The children have been making potions with all sorts of ingredients. Exploring food colouring, colour mixing, different materials and textures, smells, one handed tools and much more. Children’s play and imagination has been extended by naming these things and getting creative. This type of activity encourages turn taking, choosing, fine motor skills, sensory exploration and a number of other things. Child’s voice – ‘Smells like pong.’ ‘Like magic, we need wands to turn you into a frog.’ ‘It feels like crunchy.’ ‘Bluey, purpley, greeny.’

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