Parent Information

We have a unique and determined team of staff who are committed to their professional development and continually improving their practice.

We have at least two Graduate Leaders within the team who work hard to ensure the setting is constantly at a high standard and always thinking of new and exceptional ideas to improve practice.

We also have another staff member who is completing their degree in working with children. We recognise our importance as role models to your children and attain regular training to ensure we are always up to date with new government guidelines and initiatives within childcare.

Our nursery is based just off the high street in a converted bungalow designed to cater for the Social, Emotional, Physical and Cognitive needs of the children from birth onwards.

As some of us are parents ourselves we understand the difficulty in juggling work and home life therefore we strive to support your family needs and can be flexible wherever possible. We value any parent and family opinions, ideas and contributions and welcome parents to work closely with us through having 'parent representatives' and inviting parents to get involved in their children's learning.

Opening Hours

Our nursery is open from 8am to 6pm. We also offer an Early Start option from 7.30am. If parents need additional last minute childcare and if we have space, we are happy to book an Extra Session.

Discounted Sessions

Each week we offer 'discounted' sessions depending on availability of spaces in the rooms. For example, our ratio of staff:children in our 2-3's room is 1:4 so if we have 6 children attending, there will be 2 spaces available. These sessions are offered at a reduced rate.

As a team we are proud of our setting and achievements and have created an ethos of continuous improvement. Come and explore our nursery to see magical and unique journey your child can experience with The Honeytree.