Learning & Development

The Seven Areas of Learning within Our Nurseries

We have a carefully planned range of activities based around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is intended to prepare children for when they transfer to reception class at their local school. We have listed below the seven areas of learning.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Prime Area - Within our nursery we provide opportunities for children to learn, to co-operate, share, and have consideration for other people, their cultures, beliefs and their emotions. We encourage independence to help children understand when to ask for help. We teach them to respect and care for one another as well as their environment. Young children are keen and curious to learn about themselves and others sometimes through role play, places of interest and the natural world.

Communication & Language

Prime Area - Your child will develop all aspects of language and sounds that will help them to become confident within their speaking ability, to express themselves, speak and listen in a range of situations.

Physical Development

Prime Area - In order to promote the healthy growth of children and their concentration span, regular activity is encouraged. Through practice they develop muscular control, co-ordination and awareness of others. They can use their judgement to solve problems and take part in physical activities. This helps build their self-confidence and help expand their imagination. We also support children in understanding the importance of physical activity, healthy choices and support them in self-care.

Understanding The World

Specific Area - Children have the urge to find out how things work so to help them do this we provide resources for them to make things, provide sand and water, Duplo, stickle bricks and many more for construction. We encourage our children to go out into the local community to explore and observe what people, animals and vehicles do within the environment.


Specific Area - We provide children with activities and experiences that are part of everyday life for example matching shapes, tidying up, sorting, understanding shapes, colours, numbers, weighing and counting.

Expressive Arts & Design

Specific Area - Each day children are given opportunities to explore and play using a range of materials and resources to express their ideas, feelings and thoughts through a variety of art, music, movement, dance, imagination and role play activities.


Specific Area - We provide a range of poetry, songs, fiction, non-fiction books and activities for children to access each day to support their development in early literacy skills. We encourage children to experiment with making marks and help them to begin to link sounds to letters. Our aim is to ensure that our children acquire these early literacy skills to prepare them for school.

Our Learning Environment

6 Weeks - 2 Years

Individual attention, hugs and play from our nursery practitioners is of utmost importance. With sensitive care and a daily routine that is agreed with our parents, babies and toddlers soon settle. Their key person will provide a warm, stimulating and caring environment, allowing each individual to begin learning and exploring their exciting new world.

2 - 3 Years

At this age the children are learning to toilet train and becoming independent within their own learning. Opportunities and resources are provided for children to follow their own individual interests. Key persons are encouraging the children to share and communicate more with others, building those important relationships and bonds.

3 - 5 Years

Children at this age are able to manage their own learning and follow the lead of their own play without needing the support of nursery practitioners all of the time.

Staying Safe

Children at the Honeytree are secure and cared for in a stable environment that protects them from mistreatment and neglect, accidental injury, discrimination, bullying, and anti-social behaviour. All children in our care will be protected by suitable adults, who will remain vigilant in their observations and wellbeing, provide a secure and well organised and maintained environment.

We use safe and stimulating toys and resources which will challenge each child. We only provide toys that carry the recognised kite mark and will only source from reputable suppliers.

Being Healthy

We aim to help children to be physically, emotionally, mentally, healthy to make healthy choices which will help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Each child who moves onto the Preschool will learn about the importance of healthy living, have a balanced and varied choice of meals, healthy snacks, and appropriate drinks that meet their individual needs.

We will help children to learn about hygiene and protect them from infection by means of our policies and procedures; to care for them if they become ill whilst in our care. Help each child explore the outdoors by means of regular activities through free flow and physical play.